Monday, July 27, 2009

The Journey which started then , I dint realize

The Journey which started then I dint realize,

2004 June: Age 18, Life took its toll I thought. I was separated from almost all my friends whom I had known till then. I was just out from school. I had lot many people saying “You are destined and your goal should be to script yourself as a complete graduate”. Everything was new for me, the hostel and the way new students are treated. Silence prevailing was deafening in journey I thought. It was like I was caught in middle of sea. I learnt I had to start all over again to earn friends. Suddenly there was large amount of freedom to be handled. I started doing many things myself which I had not even bothered to acknowledge my mom for doing those. Suddenly started to miss the food for which I used to shout at people at home for not preparing well.
Days passed by , got new friends . Started to enjoy the freedom which we got. Started realizing it was silence and not the darkness which prevailed in things around me. Eventually there was self imposed curfew on the money which I had to spend. Gone are the days when I would be left with money without knowing what to do.
2008 May: Age 22, There were lots of small things which made me feel alive all the days like long walks in country side, spending time talking anything and everything under the sun (I am sure majority of time was spent discussing girls. lol), like a heard of sheep always in the company of friends, always ready to watch any kind of movies anytime, the fight for tea cups in room, Monday mass bunks….
Finally the day arrived , we were formally now a graduate like a million other youths in India. Again this was the day where horses of same stable had to be headed towards different directions.

This was the day I realized
The Journey was better than the destination


  1. A spontaneous flow of thoughts,well portrayed :) Keep blogging.

  2. Good beginning to rewind the past. keep blogging.