Tuesday, August 25, 2009

370 and getting stronger by Day

Well ya, its festive time and everyone at home have their preference. One common thing is that all would want new clothes. The children at home prepare their wish list and the mom will have a long list of choices for their saree color, some times as long as a saree and the head of the family will not even be asked what he is willing to get.
Ok everyone decides to shop on fine Sunday evening. Ladies at home start planning what to wear for shopping from Saturday and go for a small shopping near by to get ready on Sunday and men remember they are going to shop just few minutes ahead.
Finally they start and agree to catch an auto to avoid worrying about the parking space of their vehicles. Auto walas needless to say demand exorbitant amount, so much which only people who have included auto charges while preparing shopping budget get into it without any altercations. Auto wala starts with his story that the present state government does not support them much and due their indifference traffic police are also free to collect any amount from them when ever caught. Since he has triggered the discussion about politics, the family head would want to prove his knowledge on this issue (there is a general opinion that by opposing what other people think about politics, they can prove their point...). Thanks to effective electronic media which have done wonders in information reaching to all people at Right Time. (I would want to emphasize “Right Time” , sometimes it goes out of hands that they telecast the tactical positions of Commandos and guards during an important Counter Terrorist Operation… lol.. ).

The place where the family had to go had arrived and as expected the driver demands more saying he has come through lots of one ways. You have to be a great bargainer to handle these people. It’s the centre of the city where you will be able to see only people, people and more people. After all the standard of living has raised considerably post 1991 (thanks to Liberalization Era and wide acceptance of Reagenomics) and everyone get to enjoy the festival by spending. You have to fight your way to move forward and not that there are lots of platform shops, the thing is there are only shops and no platforms. What ever you wanted to do, there will surely be a big crowd wanting the same before you. In the saree section, I am sure you will be spoilt for choices; no wonder people spend major part of time here.

Any American on seeing this would say “Chaos Theory on Practice”.

Well I say “Welcome to Chennai ” a.k.a Heaven

The city which has seen sea of changes over past decade. Chennaites are no more willing to carry a tag of “Conservative crowd”. There are shopping malls and multiplexes springing up different parts of the city. The roads get more cramped by the day (After all its Detroit of Asia). Finally construction for the Metro Rail which seemed to be distant dream has started. This has raised the hopes of hassle free travel inside the city and dependence on personal vehicles could be reduced.

There is nothing like when India wins major cricket match. The celebrations roar from North to South. Its like a Dewali day with crackers , kids on a victory march and people at home celebrating with sweets … wow what more is needed . Chepauk has always been a favorite hunting ground for the Little Master. This has been like a home away from home for him. The win would be the talk of the town where everyone from the office to kids in school. All works would come to stand still and sharing thoughts on this victory would be of more priority. Here is a crowd which astonished the cricketing world by giving standing ovation to Pakistani players when India was defeated in a test match. Where else this would happen ?. Leave alone Pakistan, can anyone imagine Australian crowd doing the same if Aussies lost ashes series??

The most famous and one of the proudest assets of Chennai is the Marina beach which is converging point. The beautiful view of never ending sea and the moon above it has been a great attractions for nature lovers and lovers who are in search of privacy. This is the place which made me feel uncomfortable when I realized we were the only two people of same sex together. ( What was meant to be a reunion of two old friends ). Hollywood scenes of intimacy are put to shame here, in some cases by couples whose age when put together would come around 75 to 80.

If you notice any of the following happen around you, you can be sure you are in Chennai.

-> Everyone right from a cobbler to an executive everyone has an opinion about politics.
-> Almost all people around you are fans of either Rajinikant or AR Rehman or Manirathnam
-> Cricket is more than a game, it’s a religion in fact. Sachin Tendulkar’s posters would be worshiped as idol. (Off late Dhoni has entered the scene)
-> If its shopping then its T Nagar, even for people far away from Chennai, (thanks to urban agglomeration )
-> All roads lead either to Mylapore or auditoriums when it comes to music festival (don’t be surprised if CEO of a famous Cola company sits beside you enjoying Carnatic music )
-> Banners of heroes being drenched with milk on releasing day
-> Tamil spoken in such a way that it would bring tears in tamil lover’s eyes

Dedicated to Chennai which celebrates its 370th birthday. The city around which my life has revolved.


  1. Chennai truly rocks! U didn't miss out even a single point including the Ashes! :-D The conclusion deserves special appreciation :-)Way to go!

  2. Happened to read the blog today becuase of lonley planet, kudos Mr. Venkatesh, well framed, nice flow and good conclusion.

  3. Thanks Rajeshwari ... about that lonely planet , thats just a crap ... someone who knows nothing about our city must have framed it ...