Saturday, March 17, 2012

Born Identity

“She it is… princess is born” he jumps. With all the nervous moments coming to end, he and his wife discover a mom and a dad in them is also born along with this little angel.  Parents of these parents have got a new title to them “Grand parents”. She being the first child to be born both in father’s side and mother’s side is going to be given best of the quality time the parents and grandparents have to offer and  finest of toys to play. Its going to be quite a while until the feeling of attaining a new identity(mom, dad, grandpa, grand ma) sets in all these people. The kid grows up with the only intention of having fun and to play around with anyone and anything possible around her. People around her adorn her with different set of dress every time and photograph her to be put up in hall for people visiting to home to see how beautiful she is in all kind of wardrobe. What is she going to become one day still remains unclear.

Parents dream big of making their kid a star someday. Most natural choice for them would be to watch this kid success academically where she can create a identity for herself. It’s the schooling time for this child where she is about to run into more number of other souls who are exactly in same position she is. She travels the path gradually from going to school for fun to being in school for studies. Being a bright student she scores respectable marks than others. As always no one, not even a young mind is satisfied with being one among the top, wants to make it as the one in the top. She studies hard, puts in more efforts so that she can be recognized as the one who hold the rank one that would differentiate her from rest. She wants her identity among teachers and other students as “Rank 1 holder”.

Her interest in violin made her learn it religiously for years together. Being a smart girl she took comparably less time in getting to know the intricacies of this beautiful instrument. She graduated from playing the instrument for few people who visited her home to big stage hosted by famous academies in town. Off from school in the society she lives in where not many would know her academic rank, she wanted to be known for all who knew her along with her violin. 

Having scored better marks than most in state, a engineering seat in prestigious university of the country came calling which would be graciously accepted by her and her parents. On seeing fellow girls who study with her, she begins to focus on her looks. Who would not want to be the topper and Ms Beautiful? With many guys taking notice of her when she passes by on the corridors of collage the feeling of “I” increases in her. She studies hard and takes care of her looks with the hope of creating an unique identity for her among the university graduates and professors. Time raced past her here again like before, collage did come to an end.

Entering corporate world with whole lot of dreams is quite natural for all the humans, so did our princess. To make a mark for oneself in industry where competition is neck to neck, one has to have lot of character to grow leave alone making it to the top. She smartly did her hard work and it dint take long for her to realize that she was growing in and along with the organization. Series of awards recognizing her effort came along, became the star performer. Still a long journey had to be covered in order to achieve the height where she dreamt of, the height where she was to be alone not lonely though as many at bottom of the pyramid would be working under her and for her. This time in the process of reaching that point, elusive 3 knots came her way.

Yeah the 3 knots which she thought could tie her down, but she did like the guy. She is going to carry a new tag to her name “Mrs”. Getting into the role of wife changed her life by leaps and bounds. Getting a work done at office by going extra mile was not her top priority, but reaching home on time was. Spending time with spouse and running a family is the new responsibility she has gained. After a couple of years she sees herself admitted in hospital, all for a good cause. Anytime now she might attain her motherhood, invent a human for this world. The nervous husband waiting outside in the corridor wishes time runs fast for next few moments. She experiences pain, all he could do is to listen and hope this gets on smooth. Her shouting stops, his crazy walking stops, time in their world stops. Doctor comes with all smiles in his face
“He it is… prince is born” he jumps.

What she never understood and always remained beyond her mind’s reach was what few greats have said before
Identity is never static. Its always in making and is never made. 

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